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 We Grow Montmorency Tart Cherries      

      Tart cherries (scientific name Prunus cerasus) are also called sour cherries. They are best known as a key ingredient in desserts; most importantly, the cherry pie. However, tart cherries are also delicious in preserves, main courses, salads, side dishes and beverage.                                                                                         

       Tart cherries are very juicy and pleasantly acidic, making them superior for cooking compared to their sweet cherry relative.

       Tart cherries are classified into major groupings, morello and amarelle. Amarelle cherries, such as Montmorency, only have red pigment in the fruit skin while the fruit flesh is clear. Marello cherries, such as Balaton have red pigment in the fruit skin and thoughout the flesh.


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We care about you and our product. Your safety is our primary concern. As stringent advocates for American food supply,and have implemented one of the most comprehensive and accountable food safety systems in the industry. 

The program has been in effect and monitors 100 percent of the total packages to our customers.

The conerstone of our program is the use of an outside entity ( we use AIB ) the well respected firm which audits and verifies our faclity is using accepted and published criteria such as the FDA Minimizing Microbiological Hazards in Produce. Western growers Association GAP Guidelines, etc.

Additional verification of our program is through routine and continuous monitoring by FDA, USDA, state departments of agricuture, health departments, third party auditors, customers, and through internal inspections. 



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