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Peaches and Nectarines

We have many different varieties of peaches avaialble this year 

Diamond Princess-

Diamond Princess is a large freestone peach with pinkish-red skin and crisp, firm texture. The flavor is a delicious balance of acid and sugar, so it is excellent for eating fresh and for baking.


July Flame- is a delicious freestone peach with red over yellow skin color. These peaches have a smooth texture.  


Paul Friday-Paul Friday Peaches are  large, well-colored, firm freestone peach. These peaches are excellent for fresh eating and baking. They have extremely  smooth texture especially when ripe ready to eat. Although, lighter in color than Diamond Princess or July Flame they are an excellent choice for customers.


Suncrest-Suncrest peaches are bright red skin over yellow. Large, very firm, fine-flavored yellow freestone. Great fresh eating peach for market.


Giant Elberta- Giant Elberta Peaches are Famous yellow freestone. Classic, rich peach flavor: high scoring in taste tests. Use fresh, canned or cooked. Can be larger in size than its cousin the Lemon Elberta. Sweeter, Smooth Flavor. 


Angelus-The Angelus peach is a mid late-season yellow-fleshed freestone with a mild, low-acid flavor. The large fruit colors yellow with a little red blush. It is a firm, slightly elongated peach with good shipping qualities and good freezer storage life


O' Henry-O'henry peaches are a red skinned freestone variety with yellow flesh.  They are a great fresh eating peach, perfect for that peaches and cream or just need a little snack.  These peaches pack a lot of flavor. They have that peachy flavor but also pack another punch of acid with a little tart flavor. 


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