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 We Grow Montmorency Tart Cherries      

      Tart cherries (scientific name Prunus cerasus) are also called sour or pie cherries. They are best known as a key ingredient in desserts; most importantly, the cherry pie. However, tart cherries are also delicious in preserves, main courses, salads, side dishes and beverage.                                                                                         

       Tart cherries are very juicy and pleasantly acidic, making them superior for cooking compared to their sweet cherry relative.

       Tart cherries Consumer research found that our tart cherry audiences are motivated to choose tart cherries since the delicious, ruby-red orbs are a superfruit with a variety of health benefits. 

Montmorency Tart Cherries  have been studied more than any other type of cherry – and the evidence is growing.  Studies have explored the impact of Montmorency tart cherry consumption on arthritis and gout, exercise recovery, sleep, heart health and gut health.

The distinctive taste and deep red color of Montmorency tart cherries are due to the concentration of anthocyanins, a type of polyphenol in the flavonoids family.

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We care about you and our product. Your safety is our primary concern. As stringent advocates for the domestic food supply, we have implemented one of the most comprehensive and accountable food safety systems in the industry. 

The program has been in effect and monitors 100 percent of the total packages shipped to our customers.

The conerstone of our program is the use of an outside 3rd party audit program (we use AIB ) the well respected firm which audits and verifies our faclity is using accepted and safe guidelines to minimize risk and potential harm. Fowers Fruit Ranch is also Global GAP Certified with an inspection occuring once a year to make sure we are using safe and sustainable growing practices.

Additional verification of our program is through routine and continuous monitoring by FDA, USDA, state departments of agricuture, health departments, third party auditors, customers, and through internal inspections. 



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